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Our life is changing

I have been on the road a number of times this last  months and planning more. With my better half living and working hours away, we have made the decision for a big change. After 25 years raising our children and living in Southern California, we are moving. Northern California, in the Auburn area of the state. Once i wrapped my head around the idea and he was sure of the job and the future of his work, it is actually kind of exciting. The thought of getting out of the crowds to literally, greener pastures. Something more peaceful on which we can grow our hearts and not just stress our bills.

We  walked into a Little Rock  House and fell in Love

In the early 1950's a local man in Auburn built a cabin with thick walls of rock. A tiny house with a metal roof like a miners cabin,, now on an acre with an added art studio space, a loft, garage and room for a barn. We saw it and fell in love.We are moving! 

As always in life, there is a lot to do and not much time. We now are into two mortgages until our So Cali home sells and i must sell, sort, donate and more to fit 3,100 sq foot into 1,020 sq ft. Into a rock cottage. Soon to be white and rock with a new front porch entry porch. I will be off the grid for a bit readjusting and nesting in our little "Rock House". Be safe- be happy and be careful out there! 

(last photo of the slider is the view from the soon to be art studio)

Travelin' Plans for the Future

November: Fall Y'all with SOTF 

Dos Picos in San Diego area.

JANUARY; Quartzsite camping.

FEBUARY:Divas in the Desrt-SOTF

Palm Springs Modernism week;MOD Vintage trailer show

MARCH; Live Oak Stampede SOTF trip by Solvang, CA and Lake Cachuma.

APRIL: Columbia CA- SOTF trip. 

"Sisters hit the Motherlode"

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